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news | Cinematic and suffused with emotion – GIANT ARTISTS presents Lucas Garrido with his film and emotionally inspired portfolio on GoSee

The agency from Los Angeles presents us an exciting new entry on GoSee : “Lucas Garrido’s photographs are at once intimate and universal. He gets inside of a moment, harnessing what things feel like rather than simply documenting what they are. And he does it with a light touch. Lucas’ images have style but are not stylized. They’re considered but feel entirely natural. His work is clearly beautiful, but you never feel like he has placed beauty above everything else. This is why he can move so fluidly among shooting campaigns for brands such as Nike, Gillette, and Coca-Cola.

His brain is a cavernous vault of references, a deep mine of new ideas and different approaches,” one creative director notes who has worked with Lucas. “The best thing you can do when you work with him is to talk to him about what you’re trying to achieve; then get out of his way. He knows what you need. He knows how to get it. He’s also literally the nicest person you’re ever likely to meet.”

Lucas, who was born...

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