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‘Smells like a win’ Megan Rapinoe in the BUDWEISER campaign by EMILY SHUR c/o GIANT ARTISTS

Celebrity and people photographer EMILY SHUR c/o GIANT ARTISTS photographed Megan Rapinoe for the BUDWEISER ‘Future Official’ campaign. The American women’s soccer player, two-time World Champion and Olympic Gold medalist, was honored as Player of the Year in 2019. Rapinoe plays for Reign FC in the NWSL and for the US national team. With the campaign, BUDWEISER wants to generate further sponsors for the National Women’s Soccer League. “Yeah, these fans drink beer, but they also use their phones for texting and headphones for music. They eat snacks, and their pets do, too. The more support the league gets, the more the world will watch,” says Megans in the corresponding commercial.
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AWAY - cinematic travel impressions captured by João CANZIANI c/o Giant Artists

The look and feel of the photos captured by Lima-native photographer and director João CANZIANI c/o GIANT ARTISTS for AWAY are reminiscent of film sets.

João was born in Lima, Peru. At the age of 15, he and his family moved to Vancouver. It was there that João first used his father’s old Pentax K-1000 to document the strange new landscape and get close to girls. After earning a degree in Psychology at Simon Fraser University in Canada, João pursued photography seriously by moving to Los Angeles and completing a Fine Arts degree at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Early in his career, João was named one of PDN’s 30, which immediately led to frequent collaborations with magazines such as The Fader and Travel & Leisure, as well as commercial clients, such as American Express.

A move from Los Angeles to New York in 2009 provided the impetus for him to further refine his vision, now characterized by an embrace of color and a simplicity in composition. João applied this renewed vision to a host of personal projects, including “Ciudad Natal,” a series on João’s ‘birth city’ of Lima, where his unique status as a native outsider converged with his photographer’s mind to create a meditation on a well-loved place that holds an exotic thrill.

It’s through this decidedly personal approach that João has continued to shoot successful campaigns for clients such as Delta Airlines, Apple, and Nike. At the moment, João is combining his photographic and narrative acumen to tell stories on film. Recent projects include two short documentaries set in India and a short narrative piece shot in Moscow, Russia.
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Margot Robbie for the cover spread in VARIETY and the cast of the Netflix production ‘The Irishman’ staged by celebrity specialist ART STREIBER c/o GIANT ARTISTS

ART STREIBER c/o GIANT ARTISTS photographed Margot Robbie for the cover spread in VARIETY.  In 2019, she made an appearance as Sharon Tate in Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ and a year earlier as Queen Elizabeth I in ‘Mary Queen of Scots.’  She became popular in Australia at first through her role in the soap opera Neighbors, before starting to play in international TV and film productions in 2011.

ART STREIBER c/o GIANT ARTISTS also had the legendary cast of the NETFLIX production ‘The Irishman’ in front of the camera, the Scorsese masterpiece with De Niro and Pacino . “The set piece is an 11x13x8 fourth floor apartment somewhere in Little Italy inside a 20x20 blacked out tent on Hollywood Boulevard at the end of the black carpet for the LA premiere of the film at the Chinese Theatre. We shot 22 different set ups that hot October afternoon with the cast and filmmakers of Scorsese’s masterpiece. What an honor,” the star photographer on the shoot.
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