Micaiah Carter c/o Giant Artists

Additional Info // about Micaiah Carter

NYC-based Micaiah Carter creates images that capture the beauty of blackness that bends the African diaspora together. He says, “I want to create a new perspective while reaching in the past for inspiration and guidance. I want to create images that compel black stories and cultures and ‘stereotypes’ and create moods and environments that are almost unworldly within the context of blackness. The perspective that I’m bringing isn’t focused on denouncing the stereotype, instead it’s embracing it and taking it back to be culturally accepted in our own words.”  Carter’s photographic aesthetic is seen in his forthcoming book of photography, 95 48. The title of the book alludes to the years the photographer and his father were born. The book uses Carter’s father’s photography collection from the 70s as inspiration – connected through the language of the 70s – that also communicates a message about blackness in youth culture today. Carter says, reflecting on publishing his first book, “I really want my photography to be a quality platform for representation of people of color that hasn’t been seen before.”