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'The Lightness of Being' - cover story with beautiful singer Lana Del Ray for ELLE UK and the single release, produced by GLAMPR, photos: Thomas Whiteside

With 'Lust for Life', the second single from the album of US singer Lana Del Ray was released on 19 April, 2017. The song was created in cooperation with Canadian R&B singer of the minute, The Weeknd. Good enough reason for ELLE UK to have GLAMPR produce a cover story in Los Angeles. Beautiful Lana Del Ray was photographed in the Here and Now by Thomas Whiteside (CD: Suzanne Sykes, styling: Alison Edmond, hair: Anna Cofonne, make-up: Pamela Cochrane).
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The big Twin Peaks comeback - superstar Laura Dern in INSTYLE U.S. produced by GLAMPR, photos: Horst DIEKGERDES c/o GoSee member SHOTVIEW

Twin Peaks is an American TV Series from the years 1990 and 1991, which was developed by David Lynch and Mark Frost and is still absolutely iconic. The popular series is now experiencing a revival in the form of a third season. A total of 200 new characters were written for the third season, and one of them is played by the great Laura Dern. For INSTYLE US, the American actress stood in front of the camera of Horst DIEKGERDES c/o GoSee member SHOTVIEW of course in Los Angeles (styling: Sabine Schreder, hair: Danilo, make-up: Kelsey Deenihan). The spread was produced by the celeb experts from GlamPR.
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Luxury Rebel – campaign film and motifs for the trendy shoe brand from the Middle Kingdom produced by GLAMPR, Los Angeles

What better place for a woman to find her very own shoe luxury than on the Walk of Fame made in Tinseltown Hollywood? GLAMPR took care of production of the campaign consisting of photos and film for Chinese shoe brand LUXURY REBEL. Film and photos were shot by Director Blake Atienza and photographer Meredith Jenks in sunny Los Angeles. Styling was in the hands of Henna Koskinen, hair & make-up: Karoliina Kangas. We have the clip and motifs for you here on GoSee.
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