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news | 'Closed's guide to creating a perfect fashion film' and the CLOSED Summer 2019 campaign featuring supermodel Sacha Pivovarova - produced by Glam Production in Malibu

Go to L.A. – book a supermodel – rent a vintage car ... et voilà: your fashion film is finished! The one and only Camilla Armbrust photographed the latest CLOSED Summer campaign in sun-drenched Malibu, California. In front of her camera stood Russian top model Sacha Pivovarova, whose full name is Alexandra 'Sacha' Igorewna Piwowarowa. She famous worldwide as the muse of Miuccia Prada and since 2005 the face of Prada campaigns. This one was produced with the two VIPs by celebrity-savvy producers from GLAM PRODUCTION. The handsome one, BTW, is Guillaume Mace, and the campaign was styled down to the wind in the hair by Maryam Malakpour. So: Enjoy your beach moments – CLOSED wishes you amazing sunsets in 2019! More drum rolls under .

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