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news | GLOBO PRODUCTIONS organizes LOCATION SCOUTING AND PRODUCTIONS IN EUROPE AND THE US FOR CLIENTS FROM THE AUTOMOTIVE AND FASHION INDUSTRIES – plus discovers an island gem in the Aegean as well as urban worlds in Estonia and Poland

The year is slowly coming to an end, and in retrospect, several journeys and projects have taken GLOBO PRODUCTIONS to various regions of the world over the past twelve months. As always, the in-house travel agency of GLOBO PRODUCTIONS, a specialist when it comes to the requirements and workflows of photo and film productions, guaranteed that everything went smoothly.

Many projects are still waiting to be published, and when the time has come, we’ll have updates for you again here on GoSee. The journey took them to places including the UK (London, Manchester and Liverpool), on several trips to Copenhagen and Monaco, to Estonia, Poland, Greece, Morocco, and Andalusia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany’s North Atlantic and Baltic coasts – and on several occasions to the US.

On the way, Andreas from GLOBO PRODUCTIONS discovered new and unknown urban worlds in Estonia and Poland as well as an island gem in the Aegean Sea, which with its fresh locations, is reminiscent of Greece 20 years...

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