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GLOBO PRODUCTIONS : HOT FOR SUMMER! Or all cool planning for the Fall/Winter season?

“We are the perfect partner for your next fashion, transportation & lifestyle production! For small or large projects worldwide, we are at your side to bring your production ideas to life. From ice-covered lakes in the north to rugged cliffs on the coast or even down to the city for an urban lifestyle shoot? We will scout the perfect location for you. It takes one click to our extensive location portfolio: LOCATIONS.

In all matters, we are the only contact you need on location, and our in-house travel service offers flight and hotel bookings from a single source. Looks like your project is in the best of hands!”

GLOBO PRODUCTIONS, Nicole Darr and Andreas Koslowski, is backed by a team with experience in the photo, film and advertising production industries as well as in travel management. Our team of producers, location scouts and travel experts has been responsible for numerous projects worldwide for almost 20 years. With GLOBO PRODUCTIONS, we have now bundled our experience, creativity and networks in a joint agency.

Our motto is: ONE for all, all for the ONE project! This means: We offer ONE person from the production side, who is familiar with the project from start to finish and coordinates all processes. For larger or secret projects, we also offer full-location services, of course taking into account customer wishes and concept specifications, if necessary also in consultation with plant security or similar institutions.

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GLOBO PRODUCTIONS : New locations in the areas of transportation & fashion for the upcoming Summer season – and a production for Porsche AG in Denmark

Here are a few new impressions from the last scoutings and productions by GLOBO PRODUCTIONS. Over the past months, new projects were on the roster in destinations including Austria, Denmark, Germany/Bavaria, Portugal, London, Egypt, USA and South Africa. A lot of the results have not been published yet or are still being shot, which is why we present a few new location files from GLOBO PRODUCTIONS. To whet the appetite for the sunny months to come...

For the Porsche AG, it was off to Copenhagen last summer for range motifs of a variety of models. The first results can now be seen on the Porsche homepage.

Thanks to production experience in more than 40 countries, GLOBO PRODUCTIONS will gladly advise you on pitches and destinations. Several city locations await you for authentic and urban shoots.
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GLOBO PRODUCTION organizes this year's WinterTEquipment shoot for Romer Photography and Porsche AG in the Italian Dolomites and throughout various regions of Austria's frosty & cold winter wonderland

Mid-March 2018, GLOBO PRODUCTIONS teamed up with Romer Photography to organize this year's WinterTequipment shoot for Porsche AG in the Italian Dolomites and in various regions across Austria. Weather conditions were extreme with temperatures down to 20°C below and snowfall for hours and days on end. But when the sun finally came back out, conditions were more like a snowed-in winter wonderland.

With several roads and passes blocked, it also posed a logistical challenge trying to get a 6-car carrier and two smaller trucks to the individual shoot locations on time. They photographed on up to three sets at the same time that were not necessarily next door to one another.

It started to snow again on the last day of the shoot, but this time, it was just perfect for the planned Christmas motifs. With hot mulled wine, cookies and Christmas tunes, the entire team got their “Last-Christmas” groove on. All locations were scouted by GLOBO PRODUCTIONS.
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