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GOLD takes care of post production of the new imagery of SPORTSCHECK, photographed by Fredrik Clement in Cape Town & Portugal as well as by Lars Schneider on the Faroe Islands

As part of the CI/CD redesign for SPORTSCHECK, the visual language and style of the SPORTSCHECK image world were redeveloped. Several months ago, GOLD was already able to pitch the winning concept for the post-production budget of the SPORTSCHECK image world against renowned competition. Now the first results from the cooperation between Markus Wälde – Creative Director of SPORTSCHECK – and GOLD have been released.

“The visual depiction of the sports experience is characteristic of the SPORTSCHECK image world, and the challenge was to preserve the authenticity of the motifs shot by Fredrik Clement in Cape Town and Portugal, as well as by Lars Schneider's on the Faroe Islands and still guarantee a homogeneous overall picture – regardless of which photographer shot the motifs with which technique,” says GOLD Postproduction.
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Photographer Michael Philipp Bader portrays the water polo players from SV Poseidon Hamburg - post production and look & feel by GOLD

For the personal sports project of Michael Philipp Bader, for which he shed light on a total of 15 different sports, Gold had the honor of taking care of post production of the water polo players from SV Poseidon Hamburg. The motifs were shot at icy five degrees Celcius in the middle of the night at a Hamburg swimming pool. The challenge for Gold was to elaborate the characteristics of the water polo players in photo editing, to create an overlying look and feel of the pictures in order to achieve a unity while preserving the individuality of the men.
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Gold Postproduktion : Hard shell, soft core – the new motifs by RECARO, manufacturer of child safety seats and baby carriages, and the agency Vision 11

Commissioned by VISION 11, a Munich-based agency for digital marketing, GOLD retouched the new campaign motifs by RECARO. The child safety seats and baby carriages from RECARO are marked by their design, first-class workmanship and a thought-through safety concept. The high-end photo editing and look & feel were coordinated in close cooperation. Great importance in the photos shot by Marcus Vetter was attached to both the details of the products as well as to the emotional and friendly atmosphere. The motifs from the German manufacturer are used online and also in offline media.

Recaro Child Safety introduces with its Zero.1 Elite an innovation, which unites the infant carrier and child seat – usable from birth to a size of 105 centimeters. Der Zero.1 Elite is equipped with convincing ergonomic features, a 360-degree swivel function, intuitive handling as well as a removable baby carrier. Further works from Gold GmbH, premium provider of digital post production services, are available on GoSee or directly via GOLD.
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