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news | featured by GoSee ART : GOSEE ART loves the book ‘Futuro Retro’ by Maria Svarbova, published at New Heroes & Pioneers aka NHP Publishing, Malmö

Despite studying restoration and archeology, Maria Svarbova found a medium for her artistic expression in photography. Since 2010, she has focused on developing her own photographic language, quickly gaining international recognition. Among awards, solo and group exhibitions, her work has been featured in Vogue, Guardian, Instagram, Forbes and many other publications. FUTURO RETRO is a transcendental and timeless series of images by the artist which evokes a traditional setting with sci-fi elements and follows from the immense success of her first photography book, ‘Swimming Pool’.

NHPublishing on Maria Svarbova : “There is often a sense of cool detachment and liminality in Maria’s work. Routine actions such as exercise, doctor appointments, and domestic tasks are reframed with a visual purity that is soothing and symmetrical, and at times reverberant with an ethereal stillness. Mária has a wonderfully individual style which moves away from the conventional. The socialist era and...

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