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news | Incarnatio Editions presents the latest issue of Normal magazine on sexy architecture and 'the power of the nude' with works by Spencer Tunick, Tony Kelly, Bjarke Johansen, Gary Breckheimer, Phaedra Brody...

Guillaume Rogez, Art Director of NORMAL MAGAZINE, and Philippe Guedon grant us here on GoSee a glimpse at the new issue of the photography periodical. The photographs, by the way, are all available for purchase – just contact the editorial office. Plus, NORMAL MAGAZINE is organizing crew workshops with world-famous photographers...

'Incarnatio Editions unveils the latest issue of NORMAL MAGAZINE combining body curves and architectural lines. Enter the world of the greatest photographers: Spencer Tunick, Tony Kelly, Bjarke Johansen, Gary Breckheimer, Phaedra Brody, and many others! Rediscover their talent through unique works, mixing the body and the stone. Admire the fascinating power of the nude, revealed in incredible architectural settings. All issues of Normal magazine are printed in limited editions, sometimes sealed, signed or embossed for passionate collectors. Presented in these pages are the greatest contemporary photographers and the most promising emerging talents.'

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