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news | featured by Tobias Bosch Fotomanagement : Recipes, restaurants & anecdotes – photographer Malte JAEGER c/o TOBIAS BOSCH FOTOMGMT publishes his first cookbook JERUSALEM, together with author Vanessa Schlesier

Jerusalem’s cuisine is eclectic, dynamic, young, and creative. No matter what dishes visitors to the city decide to try, they are always in for a convivial experience full of culinary delight. Vanessa Schlesier introduces select restaurants, cafés and bars, shares her recipes, tells the anecdotes of how they came about and provides portraits of chefs. Thanks to short, fascinating reportages, this book is also a wonderful read, and Malte Jäger’s evocative and atmospheric imagery makes it just as much a feast for the eyes.

This cookbook also serves as a city guide: From district to district, Vanessa Schlesier guides readers to the most beautiful restaurants, bars and cafés in Jerusalem – from the Mahane Yehuda Market to Mea Shearim, down Jaffa Street and through the Talbiya neighborhood to Mamilla, through the art district and the Old Town to East Jerusalem with Sheikh Jarrah or even Abu Gosh.

Tel Aviv may have been Israel’s culinary hotspot until recently, but Jerusalem has become the...

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