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25 well hidden, deserted and fascinating places – Kostas Maros photographs 'HIDDEN – Secret Places in Switzerland' , book available from Christoph Merian Verlag

What do the laboratories of CERN, a padded cell in prison, the passing room Dignitas, the darkroom of a swinger club, a secret conference room of the Swiss Federal Council or the research station in the stone labyrinth of the Jungfraujoch have in common? They are all hidden places that are inaccessible to the most of us.

Photographer Kostas Maros, together with art historian Catherine Iselin, succeeded in photographing 25 fascinating places throughout Switzerland and portraying the people who granted them access. More than 100 motifs were created which provide unique insight into an often unknown everyday culture and make visible the magic of these hidden places. The illustrated book is supplemented with art historical essays.

Editor Catherine Iselin (* 1984), art historian, is the director of the Forum Würth in Arlesheim. She was previously digital curator and research associate at the renowned Fondation Beyeler. As a freelance curator, she has organized art exhibitions since 2011 and worked as a journalist.

Photographer Kostas Maros (* 1980) works for editorial, corporate and advertising clients in Switzerland and abroad. He also realizes reportage and art projects.

Hidden - 25 Secret Places in Switzerland. With texts by Catherine Iselin and photographs by Kostas Maros. Kostas Maros won 1st prize in the Architecture category at Swiss Photo Award 2018 with Hidden. 192 pages, 113 color illustrations, hardcover, 26 x 26 cm, in a PVC slipcase. ISBN 978-3-85616-870-4. Now CHF 39.20 / EUR 48. &
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29 ARTS IN PROGRESS GALLERY, MILAN presents the solo exhibition 'Giuseppe Mastromatteo – HUMANSCAPE', curated by Giovanni Pelloso, still on thru 18 November, 2018

Showcasing the photographic work of Giuseppe Mastromatteo, the exhibition is a retrospective which spans fifteen years of artistic production, starting with his most recent project Eyedentikit and the celebrated series Indepensense culminating in the techniques and experimentations of the early 2000’s. From 4 October to 18 November 2018, 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS gallery in Milan (via San Vittore 13) will host the exhibition by Giuseppe Mastromatteo HUMANSCAPE. Curated by Giovanni Pelloso, the exhibition will show a selection of unpublished work alongside better known works by the artist to fully convey the central theme of his research: the nature of identity. Between essence and perception.

Mastromatteo focuses his investigation on the body and, in particular, faces, exploring the concept of perfection in relation to the unstable and ephemeral nature of man. Adopting an almost philological approach to digital technologies, manipulating and subtracting, he plays with these paradoxes so that the images disappear, creating firstly an effect of estrangement followed by recognition and identification between the subject of the image, the photographer and the audience.

“In the research of Giuseppe Mastromatteo, the individual and his right to an individual identity remain clear. However, what differentiates the work is the decision not to isolate particular features or typical ethnic characteristics but rather to take a broader view focussing our attention on less immediately visible qualities, emphasizing them and rendering them manifest,” Giovanni Pelloso writes about his latest series Eydentikit.

A monograph of Giuseppe Mastromatteo’s work will be published at the same time as the exhibition which is edited by Silvana Editoriale and curated by Benedetta Donato. The book HUMANSCAPE tells the artistic and creative story of Giuseppe Mastromatteo: a retrospective in text and images including contributions and testimonials by noted authors and critics, including Rankin and Oliviero Toscani. The book celebrates photography as Mastromatteo’s creative medium of choice and explores the evolution and career of an artist which is highly prized among collectors and in the world of contemporary art.

About - Giuseppe Mastromatteo (b.1970) has worked as an artist for fifteen years. After working in the record industry as a sound technician and musician, he was drawn to the art world with photography his creative medium of choice. He studied and specializes in Art Direction at the Academy of Communication in Milan. Since 2005, his work has received significant critical attention and has been published in many art books and magazines. His work has been shown in art galleries, museums and industry/art festivals in places including Milan, Paris, London, Miami, Peking, Basel, Istanbul, and New York, where Mastromatteo lived for three years. In 2006, he collaborated with the Triennale di Milano in the role of Art Director to launch the Triennale of Bovisia while also working on other contemporary art exhibitions. He now holds the position of Chief Creative Officer for the leading advertising agency Ogilvy Italy while simultaneously pursuing his own artistic projects, commuting between Milan and New York. He writes about art and teaches in leading higher education institutions in the field. HUMANSCAPE will be Mastromatteo’s first artist monograph.

Go & See: HUMANSCAPE – Giuseppe Mastromatteo
. 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS gallery - Via San Vittore 13, Milan . 4 October – 18 November, 2018 . Book signing: Friday 16 November from 7pm (at Photo Vogue Festival) . Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 11–7pm. Other days and hours by appointment, free admission.
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'Scenario Italiano' – a photographic essay by Bernhard C. Hartmann, appearing in seltmann+söhne Publishing

“One has only to walk the streets and keep one's eyes open to see the most inimitable pictures.” (Goethe in Naples, March, 1787). On various travels from the north to the south down to the tip of the boot, photographer Bernhard C. Hartmann endeavored, as described in the Goethe quote, to capture scenarios of Italian life. Against the backdrop of a turbulent history, the country's cultural importance as well as its social and political contradictions, he roamed the land in search of special moments and constellations. The author only reveals information that is necessary. He wants the viewer to "decrypt" the scenarios all alone by consciously looking at them.

Scenario Italiano is a photographic essay, a book for everyone who have not embarked on their on summer journey yet and appearing on time for the season at publishing company seltmann+söhne. The exhibition accompanying the book is on display from 20 September thru the end of October in Detmold.

Bernhard C. Hartmann 'Scenario Italiano' (seltmann+söhne, 39,00 €, 30 × 24 cm, 128 pages, hardcover, English, German, Italian, ISBN 978-3-946688-38-9)
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