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Hawaii Revisited - the FULLY CGI project with the legendary Ferrari 512 bbi by Tom Grammerstorf for you on GoSee

TOM GRAMMERSTORF's portfolio is expanded by a new fully CG Project. The classic Ferrari 512 bbi was staged in the virtual environment of a Hawaiian villa. From set design to the final rendering, Tom realized these beautiful motifs in only two weeks. "Virtual locations like these can be used in a variety of ways, whether for 360-degree visuals, moving images or classic print." Tom tells GoSee excitedly. Post production was supported by Holger Egbers, who gave the photos a good old Polaroid vibe to underscore the 70s theme.

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Tom Grammerstorf realizes the Volkswagen AIK campaign for Grabarz & Partner with the aid of photography and CGI from a single source and presents with 'Virtual Brooklyn' a 100% virtual location

For Volkswagen and Grabarz & Partner, Tom has once again realized several new motifs, for which he flexed his expertise in the area of CGI - because not only the vehicles but also large parts of the location were rendered due to special image compositions. These technical options offered the creatives on set freedom in design they never dreamed of.

Afterward, Tom looked into 100% virtual locations for a personal project which go beyond the overlooking purist concrete set. With the example of "Virtual Brooklyn", Tom shows in a first motif, what is possible in the print area today. He uses the latest technology of 3D scanned textures and elements, which are harmoniously assembled to create a set. Use the QR code to watch a making of on your smartphone.

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Tom Grammerstorf : VW AIK campaign via virtual photography for Grabarz & Partner, Mercedes-Benz Vans shoot with a flexible render unit for Shanghai Berlin & personal CGI works

Last year, Tom Grammerstorf flew to summery South Africa to realize the first four motifs of the new Volkswagen AIK campaign. The ad motifs, brainchild of Grabarz & Partner, were realized by Tom using virtual photography directly on location with his new, mobile render farm – practically in real time. He even generated bees, trees and landscapes on the computer. Only the models and a few location elements were photographed in parallel and integrated into the CGI motifs. We present the first two motifs here on GoSee.

Directly afterwards, Tom photographed – also virtually – 55 MERCEDES-BENZ VANS motifs at the Cape for Daimler AG and Shanghai Berlin. His new flexible render unit was used again, enabling the team – feeling the pressure of the deadline – to create finished motifs on location. Support for both projects was in the hands of Cape Town Productions. Photos will follow after publication.

Created over the past few months were his own FULLY CGI works with which Tom Grammerstorf wants to find out where the limits in creative and technical terms are in virtual photography for him today. Judge for yourself! Since the beginning of 2018, Tom has been represented by Hamburg-based rep Kai Tietz under BRAIN by Tom Grammerstorf.

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