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featured by Anke Luckmann : 'Malibu' – ANKE LUCKMANN photographs personal work on scorched earth in California with male model Lukas Mann

The photos which reached us at the end of 2018 were dramatic. The sea of flames and the extent of destruction in several regions of California was shocking. It ended particularly tragically for the small town of Paradise in the northern part of the state where the fire destroyed more than 6000 houses. In Paradise and in Malibu, 31 people died in the flames. On the scorched earth, ANKE LUCKMANN photographed her personal work entitled 'Malibu' featuring male model Lukas Mann c/o LA Model Management. Anke tells GoSee about the spread: “Shocking and beautiful... what remains after a fire.” The motifs were post-produced by Harvest.

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