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news | GoSee Tip : Documentary photographer Vincent Desailly presents ‘The Trap’ with in-depth portraits as well as everyday life of Atlanta’s drug scene in poetic imagery (HATJE CANTZ VERLAG)

“Trap” is a style of hip hop originating from the Southern United States, and in particular, attributed to the city of Atlanta, Georgia. The term “trap house” also refers to the location drug deals are made in. And of course, “trap” also means a “snare”. These definitions and more collide when documentary photographer Vincent Desailly sets out to capture the world of trap in Atlanta. The city is home to the headquarters of Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines, it has numerous soup kitchens and homeless shelters and has the most dangerous neighborhoods in the US according to crime statistics.

For ‘The Trap’, publisher Nadine Barth teamed up with Vincent Desailly to put together an exciting selection of photos that bear witness to the lifestyle and atmosphere from which this musical genre has emerged. His haunting portraiture puts forward dealers, musicians and residents, showing guns, crime scenes and everyday occurances elegantly interwoven in narrative.

In these photographs, the depiction...

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