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GoSee Book Tip : Oda Jaune 'Heartland' – A World of Her Own, visual worlds between beauty and disturbance, accompanying the retrospective of the artist at Hatje Cantz Publishing

'As someone said, the only impossible journey is the one you never begin...' artist ODA JAUNE says about her project 'The Caress' 2018-2019. At first glance, 'The Caress' looks like a classic pietà. But at a closer look, the viewer recognizes two persons of the same age whose mouths flow into one another in a seemingly never-ending kiss. This monumental sculpture 'The Caress' was placed in a variety of places throughout Bulgaria, opening up an intense dialogue between art and nature in the public space.

In the newly published volume Heartland, appearing at Hatje Cantz, Paris-based artist Oda Jaune dedicates a retrospective of her work to the country of her birth, Bulgaria. The accompanying exhibition took place in the National Gallery in Sofia. Besides documenting the monumental sculpture 'The Caress', this extensive illustrated book bound in high-quality linen features a selection of works characterized by complex visual worlds that fluctuate between beauty and disturbance, with bodies dissolving, faceless creatures, mouths wide open, and protrusions.

The National Gallery in Sofia describes her works as follows : “Mindful of detail and proportions, careful of how she changes the scale, applying a photorealistic precision in her creation of individual shapes, the artist engages in a juxtaposition of the elements, a principle that becomes prominent in her mystic visual narrative. Emotional states and images emerging from the subconscious come out of the depths to materialize on the surface into some times horrible, some times entertaining images. The viewer, already feeling like an insider, freely enters the fairy world of fantasies, only to be submerged into a vortex of emotions, feeling alternatively stunned, surprised, rejected, amused, and confused. For this viewer has been entangled in a crossword, a visual enigma whose central part contains the whole truth about the artist's attitude to love and eroticism, to fear and pain.”

Along with works from the early phase of her career, the comprehensive monograph also features new paintings, sculptures, and watercolors, accompanied by essays. Her photos have been on display in more than forty solo and group exhibitions.

Oda Jaune 'Heartland' with contibutions by Johanna Adorjan and Catherine Millet, designed by Anna-Clea Skoluda (English, 176 pages, ISBN 978-3-7757-4608-3).
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'Rwandan Daughters' by OLAF HEINE c/o KSTIEGEMEYER (Hatje Cantz Publishing) presents strong portraits of women survivors 25 years after the genocide in Rwanda – proceeds from book sales go to Ora Kinderhilfe

x25 years ago, Rwanda was the scene of one of the most horrible genocides in history. The unique project "Rwandan Daughters" by OLAF HEINE c/o KSTIEGEMEYER honors the women who survived.

During the Rwandan genocide in 1994 up to one million Tutsi were murdered by members of the Hutu tribe. Eighty percent of the women who survived were raped. Today, victims and perpetrators live side by side. Although women have gained social status since then, the rape victims and their children exist on the bottom rungs of the social hierarchy. Many young women, however, have managed to rescue their traumatized mothers and free them from the stigma. 'Rwandan Daughters' depicts strong women who have overcome traumatic experiences. Olaf Heine (*1968) has captured this turning point and the reconciliation in impressive photographs, portraying mothers and daughters shoulder to shoulder at sites where the crimes occurred. Along with the photos, the volume features brief statements from the women about how they dealt with their experiences. The project was realized in cooperation with Spring.Brand.Ideas, Hatje Cantz and Ora Kinderhilfe.

In an exhibition, the photos are also on display for the public. Drawing attention to their fate and finding more support for the women at the same time are the goals of the ora Kinderhilfe project: 'At the moment, we support about 483 ora godchildren in the small East African country. Because their siblings and mothers also benefit from this, about 1,500 people are helped each day. The book is available starting on 1 April. If you are interested in buying the illustrated book for the price of 60.00 € plus postage and shipping (4.95 €), please contact us. Proceeds from book sales benefit mothers and daughters in Rwanda. '

Spring.brandideas: "We are grateful to have been given the opportunity to share the stories of Rwanda’s daughters. Stories told by beautiful souls to encourage and embolden. Stories told by strong women who will continue to inspire and help others. If you are looking to support the cause of empowering these amazing women, please reach out to @orakinderhilfe. Thank you, @olafheinestudio for this brilliant piece of work, making their voices heard and posting in color for the very first time (and so did we). Thank you all for making this possible: @jochenhackstein @hatjecantzverlag @recom_art @marionheine).
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THIRTYTHREE : Hot on the photographic heels of Moholy-Nagy – a new generation of photographers in Hungary takes shape, as an exhibition at the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center Budapest and in an illustrated book at Hatje Cantz

The history of photography is deeply rooted in Hungary, and many outstanding artists – including the iconic László Moholy-Nagy – have left their mark on the art of photography in the early twentieth century. However, it wasn’t until the mid-1980s that photography was incorporated into higher education at the institution which is now named after László Moholy-Nagy.

The THIRTYTHREE catalog (252 pages, 177 ills., 17 x 24 cm) from Hatje Cantz offers an extensive overview of the thirty-three years that have gone by since the program began. It also presents outstanding works by artists who have graduated from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. Alongside essays by Jörg M. Colberg and David Campany, the volume features works by Sári Ember, Anna Fabricius, Viola Fátyol, Adél Koleszár, Gábor Arion Kudász, Péter Puklus, Gergely Szatmári, Éva Szombat and others.

The exhibition is on display from 8 October thru 9 December 2018 at Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, Budapest: "The exhibition THIRTYTHREE takes a look back on the last three decades at the photography department of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME). With the purpose of acknowledging the work accomplished there over the course of thirty-three years, the project wishes to highlight an institutional direction that has given birth to what Hungarian art professionals informally refer to as the “MOME style”. Revolving around the concept of “horizon”, the exhibition, accompanied by a catalog featuring all 46 artists selected – aims to shine a new light on these generations of photographers that allow expectations shaped by the overwhelming tradition of Hungarian photography to open up to a fresh visual language and contemporary approaches."
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