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Gianluca Galtrucco 'For Your Consideration – Los Angeles as a cinematic mirrage - a Hatje Cantz illustrated book full of sit-com, glamour & kitsch, between reality and artifice

Like no other city in the world, Los Angeles encourages the observer to play with illusions. At every street corner one wonders if they are still in ordinary life, have stepped onto a movie set, or have entered a heat-induced mirage. Italian photographer Gianluca Galtrucco, resident of the City of Angels for many years, discovers comedic and dramatic images throughout L.A. and its region that blur the boundary between reality and artifice.

It is not clear in which of his pictures Galtrucco has created dream tableaux and in which he has simply carried existing situations to extremes. Sometimes the titles provide the key; at other times, they only enhance the disorientation. Many of the words and names allude to the world of cinema, underscoring how thoroughly Los Angeles has been shaped by its best known industry – and how many movies shape our view of the city in turn. As much showman as lensman, Galtrucco urges us to suspend disbelief and to trust his imagery. That way, everything can fall into place. Hatje Cantz presents on GoSee a preview between hollywood glamour and kitsch.

Gianluca Galtrucco - For Your Consideration, HATJE CANTZ, Text(s) by Peter Frank, Designed by Julia Wagner, English, 2017. 112 pages, 45 ills., 30.50 x 29.00 cm, ISBN 978-3-7757-4344-0
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GoSee loves… Achim Lippoth 'Geschichten über das Kindsein/Storytelling' - children photography beyond all clishés between melancholy and enormous energy. Exhibition & monograph

Not just cute: children in a world of their own

Photographer Achim Lippoth (*1968 in Ilshofen) discovered his subject – childhood – while studying art. Geschichten über das Kindsein/Storytelling presents a comprehensive view of Lippoth’s practice. The sensitivity of his photographs make it possible to understand the world of children, and their naturalness is touching, taking viewers back to their own childhood experiences. With great respect for their emotions, their frankness, and their dreams, Lippoth shifts the focus to his young protagonists. Here, adults take on the roles of extras, at most. Lippoth’s visual vocabulary does not include staging his photographs, nevertheless, the children’s poses anticipate their eventual arrival into the world of adulthood. Far from reinforcing clichéd roles or being patronizing, Lippoth’s photographs, through their careful use of light and captivating close-ups, tell stories of feeling carefree in childhood as well as the stories of the families and of belonging.

Achim Lippoth Geschichten über das Kindsein/Storytelling: Exhibition: 19 March – 11 June, 2017, Bayer Erholungshaus, Leverkusen, and as a book published by Hatje Cantz: German, English, 208 pp., 130 ills., hardcover, 2.00 x 27.50 cm, ISBN 978-3-7757-4273-3

All photos by Achim Lippoth can be seen here on GoSee, and news is available directly via
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GoSee loves... Attila Szüc's 'Specters and Experiments' - surrealistic scenarios and melancholic dream sequences in oil

Hatje Cantz presents with Attila Szüc's 'Specters and Experiments' the extensive oeuvre of the Hungarian master of the uncanny (*1967 in Miskolc). Szűcs, who is among Hungary's most important contemporary painters, works with old newspaper clippings, postcards, photographs, and film stills, adding new meaning to these traces of the collective memory in his works.

Besides issues concerning the culture of remembrance and memory research, the tendencies of East and Central European painting and the artist’s early experiences with totalitarianism have influenced his art. The incursion of the uncanny into the familiar manifests in the large oil paintings: ghostly, absent protagonists; peculiar furniture; and everyday objects stand isolated in deserted spaces, melancholic in their lack of relationship to anything else. The masterful use of light and shadow, in combination with unexpectedly harsh colors, reinforces the surrealistic impression of these scenes. Dream and memory dissolve into each other, creating a fascinating state of suspension in Szűcs' s visual universe.

Exhibition: Ludwig Museum Budapest, December 2016

Attila Szücs – Specters and Experiments
Published by Sándor Hornyik, text(s) by Jane Neal, Sándor Hornyik, design by Anna Lorincz, 24.20 x 26.70 cm, 978-3-7757-4219-1, € 40.00, English, 2016. 176 pages, 132 ills.

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