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news | Barbara Schöneberger in Fatsuite on BARBARA magazine - cover photo by Benno Kraehahn c/o Hauser Fotografen plus NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC and SWISSCOM (Electronic Sports League)

BENNO KRAEHAHN photographed the latest and controversial cover for BARBARA magazine. The presenter takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the topic of 'beauty ideals' in her typical ironic way and was awarded the cover of the month by 'New Business'. Even though it was only meant to spark a discussion on beauty ideals, overweight people felt ridiculed and protested in the Net. So the cover did succeed it getting the attention it wanted. Hair & make-up were taken care of by Matthias Klemenz, with styling and set design by Nici Theuerkauf. Post production: studio Ben Nicolaus.

Plus, Benno photographed for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC and the client SWISSCOM. The executive agency was TLGG Berlin. Hair & make-up for the SWISSCOM shoot came from Shirin Kürschner c/o Nina Klein.

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