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Hello, Savants! c/o ANDREA HEBERGER with an animation on the topic of: "a Journey to modernized IT" for HPE POINTNEXT SERVICES

The brief was to tell the story of a journey to modernized IT. A transformation that can be intimidating but can be embraced without fear by those with the right know-how. Hello, Savants! c/o ANDREA HEBERGER is a collective of long-time Friends with divers and complementary skills and is based in Amsterdam.

HPE POINTNEXT SERVICES stands for expertise in the acceleration of the digital transformation of companies. HPE: “Which IT challenges make it difficult for your company to keep up with the business pace? If you don’t adapt to new sources of data, new business models and new threats, you cannot survive. Digital transformation is about remaining flexible – and being one step ahead of the times.” GoSee:
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