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'Spring Awakening' PHILIPP SEINE HELDEN produces an international Spring campaign for ALCINA with beauty photographer Florian Sommet c/o Klein Photographen

'Spring Stories' is the name of the latest ALCINA Spring 2017 campaign in the area of decorative cosmetics. The beauty motifs were realized by Florian Sommet c/o Kleinphotographen. Responsible for conception, production and design of the limited edition was the creative agency Philipp Seine Helden. The result is a springtime campaign that picks up the topic of Generation Y and, in particular, the needs of the new flower power generation.

Four times a year, the Bielefeld-based beauty brand ALCINA (Dr. Kurt Wolff GmbH & Co. KG) launches a limited edition. The spring 2017 trends go by the name of 'Spring Stories' and arouse with pastel colors real spring feelings. Silvia Philipp, Managing Director of Philipp Seine Helden: “We are delighted that we were able to develop yet another limited edition which touches upon the zeitgeist of a generation for our client Dr. Kurt Wolff, whom our agency has supported in the development of decorative cosmetics from ALCINA since 2013.”

The imagery of the collection is oriented on the feeling of the 1960s, which transports the brand into the 21st century. What was once Woodstock, is today the Coachella Festival with its dreamy-modern looks. That's how the agency lives the spirit of the millennials, which today – like the hippies – is all about love, freedom and self-determination, according to the agency.

In addition to the imagery and the claim of the spring campaign, Philipp Seine Helden, specialized in beauty & lifestyle, also produced the photo shoot with beauty photographer Florian Sommet. In addition, in-house DIY application films were created for the end user. The design of the entire POS advertising, covering all relevant sales materials for national and international B2B markets as well as the customer communication came from the Cologne-based agency.
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'Los Bellos Perdedores – We Are Beautiful Nerds' – the ALCINA Professional 2016/17 campaign – realized by the creative agency Philipp Seine Helden and beauty photographer Florian Sommet c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN

Being perfect is boring! The agency Philipp Seine Helden realized the new ALCINA PROFESSIONAL collection 'Los Bellos Perdedores – We Are Beautiful Nerds' with rather unusual models and modern looks. The hair specialist commissioned the creative agency with complete production.

The international annual collection was developed by Paul Gehring Hairdressing from Barcelona for ALCINA Professional 2016/17. The collection is meant to be an homage to all the individualists who used to be confronted with rejection because of being different and who now successfully make the streets more colorful. The provocative title is also a mirror of today's trendsetter Millennials who want more than just a perfectly styled look.

Responsible for the imagery was Philipp Seine Helden, and the motifs used for the campaign, POS and lookbook were photographed by Florian Sommet, c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN. Casting of the models took place in Paris and Berlin. Artistic Directors Paul Gehring and Encarnacion Pachon Marquez were in charge of realizing the creations.

Additionally, Philipp Seine Helden realized a beauty roadshow for Alcina as well as several films to go with the collection with a playful approach to the looks and underscore the overall concept. ALCINA Professional is now touring Germany and presenting the looks of the season on the "Looks Tour".

Philipp Seine Helden is an agency in the heart of Cologne specialized in design, concept and communication. The agency creates corporate design solutions, print and online campaigns, packaging and editorial concepts, corporate videos and TV commercials, as well as point of sale, digital, communications and social media concepts for different brands. In realizing authentic campaigns, Philipp Seine Helden puts great attention on details, without forgetting that less is often more.

We look forward to welcoming the creative department of the agency at UPDATE16 in Berlin.
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