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news | Catch the Early Bird 2017 during the 'Cannes Lions Festival' - HelliVentures Film Production welcomes creatives Hans-Peter Albrecht and Charlotte Bufler from Academy U5 based in Munich as alert early birds

The traditional wake-up call to rise and shine early in the morning during the Cannes Lions Advertising Film Festival took place again this year. The organizer was Munich-based HelliVentures Film Production, famous internationally for their action-packed, sporty commercials and documentations (like the glider spot for VW Amarok) and now the new Winter/Summer on air design produced for ZDF Sport. HelliVentures lured creatives from all over the world to the beach of the film and advertising Mec …

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news | HelliVentures : produces a spectacular stunt commercial for the new VW AMAROK – the car that understands men – commissioned by Grabarz & Partner

High up in the French Alps: A VW AMAROK pulls a glider pilot into the sky. The slope is ridiculously short, and the cliff is damn close. Courchevel Airport is considered one of the most dangerous airports in the world. Just the right backdrop, to stage this elaborate stunt for VW AMAROK. To realize the project, several months of preparation were necessary and an expert crew who know how to deal with sporty challenges, spectacular stunts and breathtaking outdoor shoots. Including extreme pilot …

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news | REEL ROCK 11 – E.O.F.T. and HELLIVENTURES film production present the best climbing films of the year – European premiere of the tour on 25 September in Cologne

The best climbing films of the year are on tour again. Under the name REEL ROCK 11, the European premiere takes place on 25 September in Cologne. Adventurous expeditions, crack climbing at the limit and youthful high-performance: The REEL ROCK FILM TOUR 2016 presents 90 minutes full of enthusiasm, commitment and fun climbing. This year, REEL ROCK 11 leads through extreme routes in the eternal ice on Baffin Island, classics in a climbing paradise Yosemite and boulders in Norway. The founder of th …

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news | HelliVentures Filmproduktion : Food hunting and dog skateboarding - new commercial projects for MCDONALD'S and Leo's thjnk tank, Munich

Food hunting with a Michelin star chef in the Allgäu and dog skateboarding in a fast food restaurant. Those are the sports HelliVentures discovered for their two newest commercials for MCDONALD'S. Director of both good-vibe spots was Manuel Werner. Creation was in the hands of Leo's thjnk tank, Munich. Kids can now look forward to Transformers in their Happy Meal and slip into the role of BUMBLEBEE or GRIMLOCK... Further new productions focused on adventure, action and sport can be seen …

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news | HelliVentures : Catch the early bird – Rob Sherlock (Exec. Creative Director of ADK) is this year's winner at the water sports breakfast in Cannes

First one at the pier! Is what Rob Sherlock, Worldwide Executive Creative Director of ADK, was able to proudly shout out at the annual morning party. The CD, who became specialized in overseas markets while working for the Japanese agency ASATSU-DK (ADK), was previously Chief Creative Officer at Draftfcb for 12 years in Asia and America Whether the top creative followed the call of the early bird and went to the beach or was washed ashore from the night before – that of course all stays …

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news | HELLIVENTURES produces the ADELHOLZENER Active O2 TV spot for Jung von Matt/basis - directed by David TINDALE POPULAR

At ADELHOLZENER, the largest mineral water spring in Bavaria, winter is apparently never quite over – this is particularly true in their latest TV commercial for their soft drink 'Active O2'. Under the executive of the agency Jung von Matt/basis, HELLIVENTURES FILMPRODUKTION produced the spot together with director David TINDALE POPULAR. The spot with the song 'Nobody Around' by GJan is on the air right now.

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news | 'Closer than you think' - TRENTINO counts on the magic of FC Bayern München - Service Production HelliVentures for Leo Burnett, Milan

Only one shot away is the training camp of the FC Bayern München football team in the Italian province of Trentino-Alto Adige. It is in fact so close, football stars Franck Ribéry, Dante, Sebastian Rode, and Robert Lewandowski are already causing quite a furor in the area. HELLIVENTURES were in charge of service production in the Bavarian home of the players in the spot for the customer TRENTINO-ALTO ADIGE and the agency Leo Burnett, Milan. Art direction was in the hands of Giuseppe …

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news | HelliVentures produces #BMWstories campaign with extreme mountain climber David Lama – shown as a commercial spot in movie theaters and on GoSee

'There are millions of BMW stories. What’s yours?' It’s been more than 12 years since HelliVentures worked with David Lama for the first time. Since then, the extreme mountain climber has become world champion repeatedly in sport climbing, and he is an extraordinary mountaineer. Recently the movie production company had the chance to have David Lama in front of their camera – on his way into the mountains and behind the wheel of a sporty BMW 4-wheel drive vehicle. The spot for …

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news | HelliVentures : Felix Neureuther on speed with Airwaves – viral commercial with the ski champion as well as an orchestra in the Austrian Alps

This summer the HelliVentures film production team carried out a production with ski star Felix Neureuther and AIRWAVES on a glacier in Austria. And they took an orchestra along with them. The viral commercial with the ‘Highspeed Orchestra’ advertises a competition: Airwaves is giving away an Airwaves helmet, signed by Felix Neureuther as well as one of 25 product packages including an Airwaves winter hat, to celebrate the collaborative film via highspeed-orchestra.de .The agency in …

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news | Catch the Early 2014 Bird by HELLIVENTURES. The traditional early catch of the day on Cannes Beach. And the exciting duel between Dickjan Poppema, CEO GREY Group Germany and Casting Director Rolf Scheider

From the early bird to the last party lion – every year HELLIVENTURES catches the first visitor on their water sports beach. The weapons can be chosen freely – water skis, tyres or banana boat, however there is no winning without an obligatory jump into the cold sea. Joachim Hellinger holds both the trident and coveted cuckoo clock trophy in his hand. This year it almost went to our GoSee friend and casting director Rolf Scheider. Almost. If only that creative guy from Düsseldor …

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