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news | Matthew Miller meets G-SHOCK - Liam Gleeson c/o Hidden Agency shoots spot for Fusion Matthew Miller x G-Shock GBA-400MM

British menswear designer Matthew Miller joined forces with G-SHOCK to design a limited edition watch – the GBA-400MM with Bluetooth, 'MM' engraving and headphones by UrbanEars. The packaging, likewise designed by Matthew Miller references fast food as metaphor for fast music : ‘I designed the packaging as an emphasis to my “Cultural consumption Philosophy". I wanted the film to emphasise the technological capabilities of the Future of G-shock. Desirability, Cultural consumption and Future technology - this is G-SHOCK,’ says Matthew Miller.

And since music plays such an important part in the new G-SHOCK, he adds in the interview: “Music, for me, is the sole function of this watch that speaks a global language. It transcends global barriers. We as human beings are meant to evolve, and we have evolved to use tools over thousands of years. Wearable tech is fundamentally a tool to be used, and how well that tool is used depends on the individual. Evolution will decide whether these...

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