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Michael Himpel photographs ad motifs for jewelry specialist JUWELIER FRIEDRICH, appearing in AD mag and Business Vogue

MICHAEL HIMPEL staged the jewelry collection from JUWELIER FRIEDRICH. These three motifs were placed as ads in AD mag and Business Vogue.

Juwelier Friedrich has received the Diamonds-International Award in New York now for the third time, the world's highest honor and most prestigious award for jewelry design. This triple win brings with it the acceptance into the renowned Diamonds-International Academy. Friedrich has also received multiple awards on a national level – more than 30 in total, the most important of which are the “Golden Loupe” and the “Golden Shell”. This company, which has written jewelry history, was founded in 1947 by Karl Friedrich and is located today in Neue Rothofstraße 19, Frankfurt am Main. This internationally established brand is managed by gemologist Marc G. Stabernack and is where the skills of goldsmiths and silversmiths, a passion for design and innovation are amalgamated with the knowledge of gemstones and their aesthetic radiance.
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'Order today. Delivered tomorrow.' – Michael Himpel photographs three catalog covers for designer and office furniture expert CAIRO

Designer & office furniture, lamps and accessories at your doorstep true to the slogan “Order today. Delivered tomorrow” – this was the vision of the furniture retailers from the creative interior decorators when they founded Cairo AG in 1995 as a mail-order company for designer furniture. With their owner-managed furniture stores, they personally stand for the best in brick-and-mortar retail: advice, competence and service in all aspects of office furniture. Above all: in-depth product knowledge, creativity and access to the best international designer furniture collections. For the distributor of designer accessories and office furniture, CAIRO based in Groß-Umstadt, Hesse, MICHAEL HIMPEL and his team had the honor of photographing three catalog titles in the first quarter. GoSee :
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Flaneur, Freigeist, Futur ist.... Michael Himpel photographs the *F MUG for IDÜLL

*F is an homage to something ordinary and trivial: a font – and to the most innovative era in Frankfurt, an era which became known, famous and notorious worldwide as THE NEW FRANKFURT. Between 1925 and 1933, the city was a shining star of modernity and became the center of "new construction" and a vision of the possibilities of new urban living. Much of what was conceived, considered and dared in Bauhaus became reality in NEW FRANKFURT. One example of this is the Futura font. For a few years, it was the official font of the city of Frankfurt and was considered "cultural Bolshevism" by its opponents. Michael Himpel photographed the *F MUG for IDÜLL with Ulrich Dietzel. *F wishes to bring back this heroic era of Frankfurt with charm, irony and cups.
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