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Holger Wild photographs the international campaign for the AUDI A8 in the desert of California for DDB Barcelona

Transportation specialist Holger Wild once again photographed the brand new Audi A8 for the international campaign. Just as purely and elegantly as the vehicle hides the high tech within it, is how reduced and authentically Holger Wild photographed the new A8 in the Californian desert with utmost confidentiality. On the team with him was WIDE Production with first class service, Zerone for post production and DDB Barcelona with CD Quito Leal.
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Personal work 'The Noise of the Sea' by photographer Holger Wild for you on GoSee

“At a short distance, you can see the thundering waves and the roar of the wind like the sound tapestry of a daydream,” photographer Holger Wild tells GoSee. The transportation specialist watched beach life in this picturesque and sensitive personal work from a romantic distance. We have four motifs on GoSee.
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Holger Wild stages Lamborghini in Los Angeles and presents with ANALOGPIXEL the oscillation of shapes and colors with the new Daimler CLA

After the job is before the job – which is why HOLGER WILD added on a couple of days after his last visit to LA and rented a Lamborghini together with model Chris and took a guerrilla spin around town. Finally, the post production company Wagnerchic with Manuel Wagner personally put on the final touches...

In his project ANALOGPIXEL, HOLGER WILD captures in photos what happens when shapes and colors oscillate around one another and start to seemingly disintegrate. That this personal work is actually about the new CLA from Daimler doesn't seem that important anymore.
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