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news | One size larger please! The XXL double issue of H.O.M.E. says yes to big feet in the new year

With the slogan “XXL Living – Size Matters”, the H.O.M.E. team has once again put together an issue full of trends, looks and inspirations. Particularly those with a large family (or those planing one) should probably start thinking bigger or even extra large. Not only with regard to your own four walls. H.O.M.E. presents you the most successful design collections – which last beyond even the third generation. Or in the Mobile category, you'll find out which big models ar …

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news | Single and not a bit lonesome : The November issue of H.O.M.E. - A sensual celebration; we have the preview for you on GoSee

Fancy-free is the new November issue of H.O.M.E.! The team found the best single apartments for getting cuddly even if you are alone. Or if you want to take someone home! Just as single are her 'solo artists' – who look great, whether by themselves or with the rest of the apartment. And the complete contrary to lonely is the spread titled 'Off To the Island'. Just as little as the '100 unique pieces' in the center spread, which were selected by domus Editor-in-Chief Nancy Jehmlich. The …

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news | GoSee Reminder : Lyon, Berlin, Copenhagen... the H.O.M.E. July/August 2015 issue with Europe city guide featuring 20 cities and 200 tips for design fans - and H.O.M.E. in the GoSeeAWARDS15 jury

H.O.M.E magazine goes for summer and is now presenting an exciting city guide, which celebrates Europe's best 20 cities – with over 200 tips for design fans. Hotels, restaurants, shops, and impressive architecture! H.O.M.E. tells GoSee: "We GUARANTEE you 90% brand new locations!" And we have a little sneak preview for you on GoSee. And submit your creative spreads, photo projects, and illustrations for the GoSeeAWARDS. The photo specialists of the modern furniture magazine wil …

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news | Welcome H.O.M.E. to the IFA. GoSee reports live from the RedLounge at the 90th IFA, we present some initial photos and are looking forward to welcoming them to the GoSeeAwards

For the 8th consecutive year H.O.M.E. magazine is the IFA Berlin’s media partner and once again offers its guests an exclusive service in the IFA VIP Red Lounge at the international consumer electronics and home appliances show. As the world’s leading electronics trade fair, this year from 05.09.14 until 11.09.14 the IFA presents its visitors with all the latest in consumer electronics and home appliances. From tomorrow the IFA VIP Redlounge- H.O.M.E. of the Leaders will impress gues …

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