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IdN Magazine: Identity & Patterns — pleasures & pitfalls of following a pattern, GoSee IdN v22n4

Patterns are everywhere we look – on our clothing, building surfaces, interiors, branding, packaging… but when and how are they best incorporated into a design? The appeal of their usage is obvious, the repetitive elements bring with them a calming vibe, a sense of instant familiarity. But they can also create problems, especially when co-opted across a wide ID spectrum. Find out more:
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Makeshift #13: Healing Issue — A personal patch kit for the mind, body, and soul

This issue features sea-faring psychiatry, handmade hearing aids, and improvized maternity wards along the creative path toward healing. If you hit roadblocks in your own work, hack them, build around them, and make it better. For details GoSee
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IdN v22n3 : Designer Typefaces – Which type are you – trained or instinctive?

Is there a downside to making your own lettering rather than commissioning a specialist or buying off the shelf? IdN asked 13 top designers for their views on this crucial question, illustrated by examples of their work. We have a sneak preview for you on GoSee.
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