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news | featured by Cosmopola GmbH : From ‘Let’s Party!’ to ‘Pump It up!’ - we present you a selfie plus covers for OBSERVER and NEW SCIENTIST as well as MARVIS ... welcome to the world of ILKA & FRANZ c/o COSMOPOLA

“Let‘s Party! Ready for three more weeks of isolation (🙇‍♀️)... This is us... all dressed up... from the waist up... to party online! 🤘🍸” During the time of lockdown, ILKA & FRANZ were quite productive: The selfie of the two posted during lockdown shows how witty and creative the couple can be, and that they don’t lose their sense of humor even in isolation.

“Pump it up!” is the title of the OBSERVER magazine cover by ILKA & FRANZ. Barbi c/o COSMOPOLA : “ILKA & FRANZ are busy shooting again and everything that goes with it, ... of course, the same social distancing rules also apply in London which is why they work in small teams and preferably on still life jobs with hand models.” And we just have to show you the cover for NEW SCIENTIST, too.

And for MARVIS® Toothpaste’s official #marviscollective Instagram takeover, ILKA & FRANZ also produced a funny series. Colorful and playful as usual is how ILKA & FRANZ interpreted the Marvis world for #marviscollective....

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