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Who snaffled Teddy’s hat? - ILVIE & BEN photograph the fashion editorial for Geneva’s BABYBOOK kids fashion magazine

ILVIE & BEN is the kids photography brand full of imagination by artist and photographer Susanne Stemmer. ILVIE & BEN photograph & produce somewhat different children’s stories – as editorials, commercials, moving images or as photo spreads that tell a story. They just produced the spread presented here on GoSee for BABYBOOK KIDS FASHION MAG from Geneva. Styling: Lia Carrier-Thabaret, make-up: Birgit Fuchs, retouching: Malkasten.

“It’s a nuisance.” - All dressed up for a good time with his friends in a wonderful hotel, just after arriving with their freshly polished side car… Teddy finds his hat got snaffled by some annoying thief. - But where can it be? - And who is the suspect? …It must have been just after tea time, this is for sure.

“Teddy” and his friends start their investigation. - They comb through all detective books in the library to find out how to do a really good investigation. - They look everywhere, even with their magnifying glass. - They write down every clue they get, they even climb up on the roof… “Aaah!” Teddy shouts. - “Look, over there! The nasty magpie is the thief! She’s got my hat in her beak! - Give me back my hat, nasty magpie!” “But…but look how beautiful she is, she’s the most beautiful magpie I have ever seen!” says Teddy’s friend. “I am so sorry,” croaked the magpie, “I just really fell in love with your hat, Teddy…it’s soooo wonderful, so golden, so glittery - I just could not resist!” “Grrhmmm….” mumbled Teddy “grrrhmmm…okay, magpie - excuse accepted. - But now give it back to me. - You can sit on my shoulder and look at it all day, if you want. - But the hat stays on my head. - It’s my favorite hat, you know!”

“Come, little magpie,” says Teddy’s friend who is starting to get really hungry - “we are all starving after a hard day of detective work. - We are happy we finally found you and Teddy’s hat. - Teddy, come on, put your hat on your little head and let’s all have dinner together. - I saw some delicious strawberries on the table!” “…aaammmhhh! Strawberries!!” whispers the little magpie, dropping the hat into Teddy’s hands, “who needs a hat when you can have strawberries!”

More captured and lovingly preserved children’s fantasies – guaranteed not just for kids – can be found on the website, on Facebook, Instagram, and of course, gladly again and again here on GoSee.
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Lazy Summer 2019 - ILVIE & BEN photograph and film 'La Dolce Vita' with a band of adorable rascals in dream locations in Morocco

Summer break is here, hooray!! It's finally time to lie at the pool, ride bikes, play games, swim in the clear water - and eat as much ice cream as will fit in our bellies. ILVIE & BEN love summer break…. and in order to get in the right mood for that long, fantastic break, they went ahead to Morocco in the spring with ten chosen kids. Because, as everyone knows, Morocco gets the summer waaay earlier. Oh, what a sweet, glorious life!

CREDITS - Photography: Ilvie & Ben, Styling: Lia Carrier-Thabaret, Makeup: Birgit Fuchs, Production: Babybook Kids Fashion Magazine, Ilvie & Ben - in cooperation with Club Med, Retusche: malkasten, Making Of Film: Reczone, Ilvie & Ben

About - ILVIE & BEN is the new imaginative Kids' photography brand of artist and photographer Susanne Stemmer. ILVIE & BEN photographs and produces a different kind of children's stories - whether as editorials, commercials, moving images or as a beautiful photo spreads. Find more lovingly preserved children fantasies which are guaranteed to be not just for children on the website, on Facebook, Instagram, and of course GoSee/ilvieandben
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ILVIE & BEN photographs 'THE COUP' in Geneva; we have the charming editorial including the making-of film for you on GoSee

“Hey kids, want to go on a new adventure with us? Want to play really mean robbers today, just like the three safecrackers, but even meaner... How about hijacking a boat, sailing across Lake Geneva in a snowstorm – and stealing the most beautiful and expensive painting in the museum!”

The kids were fascinated – of course. The fact that it was waaay too warm for all the thick jackets and coats didn't bother them at all. Together with ILVIE & BEN, they rooted for the funny man with the snowmaker and the almost just as funny guy with the fog machine to cool things down a bit.

And the heist went down well, too... that is, until the robbers, who really weren't that mean after all, were caught by the friendly museum guards. The kids decided without further ado to leave the painting in the museum for all to admire... and instead, to party with their fellow burglars on the boat.

About – ILVIE & BEN is the new kid's photography brand full of imagination by artist and photographer Susanne Stemmer. Ilvie & Ben photographs and produces somewhat different children's stories – whether as editorials, commercials, moving images or a beautiful photo spread. Find more photographed and lovingly preserved children's fantasies – guaranteed not only for kids – on the website, Facebook, Instagram, and of course, GoSee/ilvieandben.
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