‘Oyster’ by Marco Marzocchi, published by Void

‘Oyster’ by Marco Marzocchi, published by Void

Artist Marco Marzocchi

GoSee Book Tip : 'Oyster' by Marco Marzocchi, his extremely personal visual diary about childhood memories and the relationship to his parents who died at an early age

Made over the course of 10 years, 'Oyster' is a visual diary compiled by Marco Marzocchi (born 1974 in Ferrara, Italien) as a way to uncover clues in understanding his absent parents. At times bordering on frustration and violence, his images express his search for a 'culprit', a cause for his disfunctional childhood environment. Using archival and original imagery, the artist ransacks the past to build a present in a process of forgiving and...

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