DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS: Philip Bruederle - Leica - Anne Jung

DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS: Philip Bruederle - Leica - Anne Jung

Post Production Julian Jankowski
Styling Mascha Möller c/o Nina Klein
Hair & Make-up Nadine Thoma c/o Nina Klein
Model Anne Jung
Photographer Philip Buederle c/o Double T Photographers
Assistant Photogr. Max Bastian

'Shadow & Light' - contemporary dance in an expressive dialog with raw concrete - the editorial and film by Philipp Bruederle c/o DOUBLE-T PHOTOGRAPHERS

For S Magazine, Philipp Bruederle photographed dancer Anne Jung. The black & white photo series is complemented by a film which additionally emphasizes the contrast between the flowing movements of the dancer and the monumental architecture (STYLING: Mascha Möller, HAIR & MAKE-UP: Nadine Thoma, PHOTO ASSISTANT: Max Bastian, POST PRODUCTION: Julian Jankowski).

Here's an exerpt from the interview with the photographer... What does "Shadow &...

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