Dani Maiz c/o ART ACT

Dani Maiz c/o ART ACT


Art Act Illustrations and storyboards for FAZ, Greven Publishing, ZEIT MAGAZINE, GEURIA MAG, MOTION MAG, DATEV magazine, and comics for 'Diaries from the Weimar Republic'

On the topic of "The world from the perspective of the papyrus", Victoria Cichon c/o ART ACT illustrated a colorful and modern greeting from d&b Germany to d&b China (AD Uwe Schneider). Plus, she illustrated for Zeitmagazin.

Cover illustration by Dani Maiz c/o ART ACT: Created for Spanish magazine Geuria was an illustration on the topic of "Child abuse in sport". Appearing at Greven Publishing is an almost 300-page comic about the Weimar...

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