COSMOPOLA - Set Design & Artdepartment by Lacy Barry

COSMOPOLA - Set Design & Artdepartment by Lacy Barry

Director Johannes Schroeder, Czar
Client wayfair
Creative Director Adrian Evans
Producer Kevin Kertscher
Set Design Lacy Barry c/o Cosmopola
Photographer Benno Kraehahn c/o Hauser Fotografen
Set Production Cosmopola, Barbi Mlczoch

Barbara Schöneberger loves Wayfair - Lacy BARRY c/o COSMOPOLA created the set for WAYFAIR and celeb Barbara Schöneberger

Popular presenter Barbara Schöneberger will appear in WAYFAIR's first large-scale TV campaign in Germany, which has been airing since the beginning of February 2019. With the slogan "A home for your home", Barbara Schöneberger takes the audience on an exploration through the Wayfair product range. Barbara quote: "I basically take care of my interior every free minute I have, and I can not do it fast enough. Which is why shopping on

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