Vladimir Antaki 'The Guardians' (Kehrer Verlag)

Vladimir Antaki 'The Guardians' (Kehrer Verlag)

Photographer Vladimir Antaki / Curtis Anthony, Philadelphia (2016)

GoSee Book Tip : 'Vladimir Antaki – The Guardians' – visits newsstands, kiosks and mini-shops from Beirut, Berlin to Bordeaux and Mexico or Venice Beach and Montréal, appearing at KEHRER Publishing

Kiosks, newsstands or mini-shops tell you a lot about a place. The shopping experience here is more authentic than in large retail chains due to the people who cherish and care for their very special spaces. For his series of works entitled The Guardians, Vladimir Antaki traveled across Europe, the Middle East and America, photographing shopkeepers or “Guardians”; keepers of what Antaki terms “urban temples”, unique spaces which, in an age of...

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