'Ocean of Clouds' by Samy Heart (Sieveking Verlag)

'Ocean of Clouds' by Samy Heart (Sieveking Verlag)

Photographer Heimgarten Foto © Sammy Hart Aus: Sammy Hart. Ocean of Clouds, Sieveking Verlag 2019.

'Ocean of Cloud – Alpine Fluchten' – a visually stunning book about the beauty and fragility of the Alps, appearing at Sieveking Publishing; vernissage & book presentation on 17 July in Munich

“Without wind and weather, the only device left to photography is its innermost poetry,” photographer Sammy Hart tells us. To escape his everyday urban routine, the portrait photographer Sammy Hart takes regular trips to the Alps – for him a retreat when he is overcome by a desire to trade indoors for out. It is where the daily grind is gladly replaced by nature's adventures. Similar to his portrait photos, he explores the unique character of...

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