GABO- Jochen Schweizer

GABO- Jochen Schweizer


portraits for EDEKA and ProSieben

Post Production elektronische schönheit / cathrin bauendahl
Hair & Make-up Gabrielle Theurer c/o basics berlin
Celebrity Jochen Schweizer
Photographer GABO

GABO : shows deep compassion for pensioner charity, photographs actress Simone Thomalla and portrays Jochen Schweizer

“I was deeply touched by how badly lonesome senior citizens in Germany are stricken by poverty in old age. They want to be seen, noticed and above all taken seriously! This campaign deserves to be, no, has to be supported.” says photographer GABO. We present you six beautiful motifs by a total of sixteen producers exclusively on GoSee. You need further details on the charity? Gabo is waiting to hear from you.

Actress Simone Thomalla...

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