Anni Leppälä 'hyle | curtain | backdrop' (KEHRER VERLAG)

Anni Leppälä 'hyle | curtain | backdrop' (KEHRER VERLAG)

Photographer Anni Leppälä

GoSee loves ... Anni Leppälä 'hyle | curtain | backdrop' – a poetic artists book by the Finnish photographer from the Helsinki School on the connection between individual photos and non-linear stories (Kehrer Publishing)

“The connections between the images are essential to my work. How the images affect each other and what kind of relationships they create among one another. I try to trace this emerging ‘third image’ between two or several images; the various combinations of images compose different interpretations; it is like uncovering new thoughts,” says Anni Leppälä.

Her oeuvre is derived from memories, loss, longing, and early adolescence, seeking...

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