While studying art history and archaeology, I craved for a more creative aspect in my life. I discovered photography and soon started to focus on fashion and beauty photography. As someone, who’s promoting social justice in every way possible, I knew that my photographical work has to become more political. With the KONSUMSUCHT editorial (and the accompanying essay) I want to set an example for more consciousness in the fashion industry. Through the use of layering as a stylistic device we’ve symbolized our societies’ mass production and shopping addiction – while at the same time utilizing fair labels, vintage fashion and hand-made products only. Nowadays textile industry is an antagonism of green-washed fast-fashion-brands and unique, ethically produced fair fashion. It seems, that we won’t ever achieve a completely sustainable lifestyle – but everyone of us can contribute to a respectful treatment of nature, animals and human beings. Read the whole article here:

Styling Phuong Mai Nguyen
Hair & Make-up Claudia Astorino
Model Julia Strege via Modelwerk
Photographer Lisa Jureczko
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