DOP Thomas Wootton
Styling Bjorn Kirschker
Location Monaco
Model Tommy Haas
Model Feliciano Lopez
Photographer Neil Bedford
LOCAL PRODUCTION 7 Seas Productions, Chris Bengsch
H&M ARTIST Stephanie Burton-Wilson
UK PRODUCTION One Production

7 SEAS PRODUCTIONS produce for ELLESSE in Monaco with brand ambassadors Tommy Haas and Feliciano Lopez

The producers from 7 SEAS PRODUCTIONS with Head Office in Antibes were once again on the job right at your doorstep: For Italian sports label ELLESSE, founded in 1959, it was off to neighboring Monaco. The celebrity shoot took the team to various locations throughout the beautiful little country – and in front of the camera stood two pro tennis players and brand ambassadors Tommy Haas and Feliciano Lopez, who were both styled to perfection...

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