Client Dallmer
Set Design Winnie PLACZKO c/o AK/KRUSE
Photographer Stephan ABRY c/o AK/KRUSE

Interior photos for DALLMER's exclusive shower channel 'Cerafloor individual', stills for beauty brand Authentic Beauty Concept by STEPHAN ABRY AND WINNIE PLACZKO C/O AK/KRUSE and cosmetics stills by Stephan ABRY c/o AK/KRUSE

Still life expert Stephan ABRY c/o AK/KRUSE and stylist Winnie Placzko c/o AK/KRUSE teamed up once again for the exclusive shower channel collection 'Cerafloor individual' by DALLMER. 'In the photographer's studio in Hamburg, Stephan and stylist Winnie Placzko shot image visuals for the new holistic premium beauty brand Authentic Beauty Concept,' says AK/KRUSE.

We also present a personal cosmetics spread by Stephan ABRY c/o AK/KRUSE with...

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