Cade Martin: "I shot the Luchadores on a rooftop in L.A. They carried themselves with such confidence and with an obvious pride in the tradition of Lucha Libre. Some of the older wrestlers meintained their character - ins mask - from the moment they parked their car, though the shoot until they'd driven away. I loved every second of this Shooting."


Andrea Heberger : A tribute to Dorothea Tanning in HOW TO SPEND IT mag, VESTAL mag, ADLER, DACIA Duster campaign, 'Lucha Libre' project, and NEW entry with a reel on GoSee

Sandrine & Michael c/o ANDREA HEBERGER photographed for FINANCIAL TIMES magazine 'How To Spend It'. The spread and particularly the very imaginative set pay tribute to artist Dorothea Tanning, one of the first surrealists.

Autodidact Dorothea Tanning was an American painter, sculptor and author, who also designed props and costumes for ballet and theater. Dorothea Tanning was married in 1946 to German artist Max Ernst (his fourth and last...

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