ANDREA HEBERGER GMBH Wolf Silveri Actor's Portraits

ANDREA HEBERGER GMBH Wolf Silveri Actor's Portraits

Celebrity Hans Diehl
Photographer Wolf Silveri c/o Andrea Heberger GmbH

Andrea Heberger : GREATER THAN A F/W 2019 campaign featuring Aksel L. Svidal, Setai Hotel Sea of Galilee, SALVE mag, QUALITY mag, actor portraits, ...

Fred JONNY c/o ANDREA HEBERGER staged former ski racer, celebrity and label co-founder Aksel Lund Svindal for GREATER THAN A. The accompanying movie clip was also directed by Fred Jonny. We quote GREATER THAN A: “We could have made it easier for ourselves. Having an Olympic Gold medal winner as one of our founding partners, we could have plastered his name over a reasonably good collection – and probably sold a lot of clothes.

There are...

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