Client Initiative Offene Gesellschaft e.V.
Creative Director Mareike Strelitz (NONOVEMBER)
Copywriter Leo Struck
Editing Ma Raab
Post Production Maja Seidel
Photographer Darius Ramazani
Protagonists Sham Jaff, Sonya Bobrik, Orry Mittenmayer

New space for fresh ideas and concrete utopias – DARIUS RAMAZANI photographs society makers for #dafür magazine from the INITIATIVE FOR AN OPEN SOCIETY

“Freedom of speech, religious freedom, equal rights – can all only exist in an open society. We are free to uphold traditions or to rethink things. We choose whether we want to be provincial
or cosmopolitan. Or everything at the same time. An open society is a historically unique success story. We wish to protect it in turbulent times and continue its development.” we learn from the INITIATIVE FOR AN OPEN SOCIETY.

Berlin-based portrait...

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