Post Production Tim Wachnowski Postproduction / Tim Wachnowski
Photographer Calle Hackenberg c/o Double T Photographers
Photoeditor Monique Dressel
Foodstyling Marcel Stut

DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS : BON PRIX Summer fashion in Miami and Mexico, NORDFRIESLAND 'Favorite Country' campaign for marktrausch GmbH, a selection of berries for BRIGITTE, and the love of meat for BEEF! magazine

Photographer Det KEMPKE c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS produced the 'Nutrals' spread which is all about natural fashion – and even the leather is vegan. Marie Therese CRAMER c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS was on the job for BRIGITTE and photographed a very graphic selection of berries.

Bright sunshine, a white sandy beach, the vast blue ocean – such are the ingredients for an endless BON PRIX summer in a dreamlike setting. At the beginning of the...

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