EMEIS DEUBEL: Richard Johnson for Toyota

EMEIS DEUBEL: Richard Johnson for Toyota

Photographer Richard Johnson c/o Emeis Deubel

Emeis Deubel : Volvo V90 D5 shoot in the Scottish Highlands, TOYOTA Mobility For All project, MC DONALD'S, O2 campaign, 'North Country' in the sub-arctic wilderness of Lapland

'The Scottish Highlands make for one of nature's greatest road trips, so for his latest personal series Özgür Albayrak took the Volvo V90 D5 up for a spin through the epic landscape,' says EMEIS DEUBEL and presents the visually stunning result here on GoSee.

As part of its Mobility For All project, Toyota commissioned photographer Richard JOHNSON c/o EMEIS DEUBEL to document the incredible stories of four amazing individuals – Aitor...

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