Jordan Rossi X Rika - Doses

Jordan Rossi X Rika - Doses


RIKA SHOWCASES HEARTBREAK IN NEW SONG ‘DOSES’ WITH VIDEO FROM DIRECTOR JORDAN ROSSI In a departure from her traditional pop anthems, Rika welcomes 2020 with a new single that charts the lows and highs of a relationship. ‘Doses’ pulls no punches singing about the toxicity of love. It’s a theme all too relevant for clued up 21st Century audiences. For the video Rika worked with Director and Photographer Jordan Rossi (signed to London-based production company The Graft) to bring this narrative and performance-led promo to life. The video itself weaves several different vignettes of Rika and her ex-boyfriend (played by Charlie Georgio of SUPA Models). These scenes display the intense love and romance they share whilst also highlighting a darker side to the relationship. One that risks unraveling at any moment. Interwoven within these vignettes is a stunning lip sync performance of the track shot on location in East London. With the winter sun low the images are striking and provide a perfect counterpoint to the heartbreaking lyrics. Jordan Rossi, director of the video, says: “I’ve been wanting to work with Rika for sometime now and it feels that this video was a perfect storm. We were incredibly lucky with a stellar cast and crew plus the weather held out for us! This video is something different for both myself and Rika. It’s narrative. It packs a punch. It’s shot on location with pretty much all-natural light. It’s a powerful combination of a great story, gorgeous visuals and brilliant performances from the two leads.” The end result speaks for itself. Rika’s ‘Doses’ is the breakup anthem of 2020 and creating room for itself as an instant classic.

Director Jordan Rossi c/o THE GRAFT
DOP David Wright
Client RIKA
Production The Graft
Producer Jerome Danvers
Styling Riya Hollings
Hair George Curran
Make-up Rhea Leriche
Celebrity Rika
Press Beverley Luckings PR
Location Maryland Studios - London
Executive Producer Hannah Bellil
Electrical Gaffer Ryan Massey
Director's Rep Carrie Sutton
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