Marianna Rothen 'Shadows in Paradise'

Artist Marianna Rothen, Eclipse (from the series Shadows in Paradise), 2015, courtesy Steven Kasher Gallery
PUBLISHER b.frank books, Zurich (first edition 2017)
EXHIBITION February 23 - April 15, 2017, Steven Kasher Gallery, New York

Marianna Rothen: Shadows in Paradise as an exhibition at Steven Kasher Gallery, New York, and a book at bfrank books, Zurich

Following in the cinematic footsteps of Ingmar Bergman is photographer Marianna Rothen (born 1982 in Canada), who is presenting her first exhibition in New York at the Steven Kasher Gallery. Along with 20 large-format prints from her series 'Shadows in Paradise' and the video installation 'The Woman with The Crown', her second monograph 'Shadows in Paradise' is available which was published by b.frank books, Zurich. The exhibition was curated...

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