MERZ campaign by Ina Schoof, production : BIGSHRIMP

MERZ campaign by Ina Schoof, production : BIGSHRIMP

Client Merz Aesthetics
Production bigshrimp
Advertising Agency Select World
Styling Mone Unmüßig
Hair & Make-up Marco Huelsebus
Photographer Ina Schoof c/o BRANSCH

bigshrimp Hamburg : produces the MONTBLANC Timepieces brochure, the 'BELOTERO, the filler you'll love' campaign for MERZ, and as an exhibitor at UPDATE-19-BERLIN

For the agency Jung von Matt/Next Alster GmbH, Hamburg-based production company BIGSHRIMP produced the MONTBLANC Timepieces brochure presented on GoSee in Hamburg. Creatives from the agency included Florian Neuber and Mirjam Wagner, and SOLOMON WINTER was responsible for art buying. The motifs were photographed by Roman GOEBEL with styling by Niki PAULS, both artists c/o SHOTVIEW.

'BELOTERO. the filler you'll love' – BIGSHRIMP produced the...

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