Moy by Stefanie Giesinger

Moy by Stefanie Giesinger


Eyecandy created the set design and the photos for the new cosmetic line called MOY by Stefanie Giesinger. Model and influencer Stefanie Giesinger presents the mintgreen products on her instagram channel not only as photos, but also as GIFS.

Post Production PIQUEE [ POSTPRODUCTION ] / Thorben Bantje
Styling Neves Schander
Hair & Make-up Maria Ehrlich
Celebrity Stefanie Giesinger
Photographer EYECANDY

EYECANDY : produces for 'MOЙ by Stefanie Giesinger', a care series by the top model now available exclusively at the drugstore chain dm

dm’s exclusive care brand MOЙ by model Stefanie Giesinger offers vegan products with soothing ingredients. EYECANDY created the tone-in-tone set design for it along with the photos for the new cosmetics line. “Model and influencer Stefanie Giesinger presents the mint green products on her Instagram not only as photos but also as GIFS.” EYECANDY tells GoSee.

dm on its cooperation with the model: “MOЙ – which is Russian for ‘mine’ – stands...

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