Client PLAYBOY Germany
Model Bonnie Strange
Photographer Kate Bellm c/o NERGER M&O

NERGER M&O : Bonnie Strange for PLAYBOY, the ALEXA CHUNG campaign, a BABOR campaign motif, WARSTEINER campaign, watch editorials for GQ, A&W mag, plus SALON mag

Kate BELLM c/o NERGER M&O photographed a sexy trip back in time with presenter, fashion designer, singer, and model Bonnie Strange for PLAYBOY, plus the ALEXA CHUNG campaign photographed by Kate for you on GoSee.

The BABOR campaign motif for 'SeaCreation' and the agency YeS IDEAS as well as personal work 'Glittery Sea Creatures' – photos by Jan KORNSTAEDT c/o NERGER M&O.

WARSTEINER with nothing but the truth – perfectly dosed and...

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