OFFENBLENDE: Jakob & Markus for UpDate 2019

OFFENBLENDE: Jakob & Markus for UpDate 2019


Documentary Photos and Portraits form the UpDate Event in Berlin , November 2019

Production Offenblende
Photographer Markus B.

OFFENBLENDE presents the photos by Markus & Jakob on GoSee, who attended UPDATE-19-BERLIN for you as well as the agency’s very own POSTCARD COLLECTION online

“Our two Berlin specialists for event reportages and B2B photography with chic – Markus and Jakob – were on the road in Berlin last week for UPDATE-19-BERLIN. We are now delighted to present you impressions from the successful event.” says the agency OFFENBLENDE which exhibited at UPDATE-19-BERLIN in 2019.

Together with their photographers, OFFENBLENDE created a postcard collection for the event, which was presented to the creatives there....

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