RECOM CGI : Smart EQ - Campaign - Damien de Blinkk

RECOM CGI : Smart EQ - Campaign - Damien de Blinkk

Client SMART
Advertising Agency BBDO Berlin
Creative Director Morris Scheffler
Art Director Erin Conboy
Post Production recomPOST c/o RECOM GmbH & Co. KG
Photographer Damien de Blinkk
CGI recomCGI c/o RECOM GmbH & Co. KG

RECOM CGI for BMW Motorsport, a BMW concept car, the Smart EQ campaign, AUDI and RECOM POST & FILM for PORSCHE Formula E … plus an XXL booth for RECOM FILM and RECOM GROUP at UPDATE-19-BERLIN

The film presented here on GoSee for PORSCHE Formula E and TAG HEUER was produced completely from A to Z by RECOM FILM.

RECOM GROUP and RECOM FILM are represented at UPDATE this year with an XXL booth. And since RECOM took home so many prizes themselves at the GoseeAWARDS in 2018 – deservedly by the way – we are all the more delighted to have gotten Thorsten Jasper Weese (CGI Director and Managing Partner / RECOM GROUP) on board this year...

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