Tonya ID-Identity #_I1O5264, 2018

Artist Susanne Junker

Nemoguce ne postoji, izgovora nema! – The Belgrad Photo Month 2019 by Susanne Junker, the '21st Century Woman' reports exclusively for GoSee on the still very young Serbian Festival by Initiator and Curator David Pujado

Now we are stuck, behind a police patrol car on a highway ramp. The city highway was supposed to take us back to the center of Belgrade. But we couldn't budge an inch. The blue light flashing on the police car threw color into the interior of our car. I was sitting in the back, half on the floor, half on the backseat. On my left was one blue face, and two to my right. Two more in front. Six blue heads and bodies squashed into a small car. I...

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