TORSTEN KLINKOW :  BMW Z4 first edition

TORSTEN KLINKOW : BMW Z4 first edition

Producer Image Nation S.L. / JF Rioche
Photographer Torsten Klinkow

NEW : TORSTEN KLINKOW, Transportation, People, Advertising Photographer & DOP, Hamburg; presents the launch campaign for the new BMW Z4, photographed in Scandinavia for Serviceplan Content Hamburg, on GoSee

We are delighted to welcome GoSee new entry TORSTEN KLINKOW. The photographer and DOP specialized in TRANSPORTATION, PEOPLE, CGI, and LANDSCAPE has been successfully realizing international campaigns and projects worldwide for many years. He just photographed the launch campaign for the BMW Z4 in Scandinavia (Production: Image Nation S.L.). With dynamic proportions, an strongly emotional design and fascinating sportiness, the open two-seater...

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